Amazing race watermelon launch

amazing race watermelon launch

Watermelon Headshot is a viral FAIL video clip from an episode of American Watermelon Launch . CNN – 'Amazing Race' watermelon slingshot goes viral. Sep 10, Earlier this week, we laughed until we cried when CBS released video of an " Amazing Race" contestant taking a slingshot-powered. Description When a medieval weapon launches a watermelon in one racer's face , will she be able to continue? Don't try this at home! The Amazing Race.

Amazing race watermelon launch -

When the watermelon hits her it begins to slow. You must login or signup first! Because all the little bits of watermelon are flying in all directions, there is less mass hitting the girl in the face and consequently she experiences a smaller force. Second, once the hard outer shell of the watermelon is broken, it is the softer insides of the watermelon hitting the young lady. Sep 10, Watermelon Launch Unfortunately for her, the pocket which contained the watermelon The watermelon and slingshot travelled to the opposite side, . Categories: Awesome Science, Physics Tags: amazing race, funny. Sep 27, 'The Amazing Race': Claire Champlin, aka watermelon girl, talks about painful slap in the face by fruit. placeholder. Lynette Rice. September Jul 14, The three racers launched watermelons at their respective knights, missing their targets as melons smashed on the green English lawn. Finally.