How to care for a watermelon plant

how to care for a watermelon plant

The Homegrown / Homemade team demystifies the art of growing watermelons. Episode 1: How to Plant Watermelons. Watch Danielle and Sarah prepare a. They love heat, and will grow rampantly once established without too much attention. This article provides instructions for planting and caring for watermelons. There's nothing like growing watermelon in your own backyard garden. Sweet, cool and Growing watermelons from seeds is a summertime treat. Here's how.

How to care for a watermelon plant -

Keep the soil moist around the seeds during the germination period; water close enough so that the water reaches the small roots forming. You will need more seeds than this, as some will not germinate or are too weak. When the plant is young, just cut off the end buds as they form before the side shoots diy watermelon vines. I have a five acre land in Kiambu low lands I am planning to start farming. how to care for a watermelon plant Watermelon Growing. How to plant, grow and harvest watermelon