How to dice a watermelon

how to dice a watermelon

Quick and easy way to chop watermelon, way cheaper than buying already cut, and much tastier. Put watermelon on cutting board and cut off one end. One end . How-to-Cut Watermelon Sticks - a 4-step process for cutting watermelon sticks - perfect for an elegant dinner party or backyard barbecue. how to cube a watermelon First you will need a sturdy long knife (I like this Rachel Ray Knife set) one that will slice threw a watermelon in one easy motion.

How to dice a watermelon -

But it worked and the kids loved them! Alternatively, you can remove the seeds as you scoop out the fruit. I used to teach this, with an additional step. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 6. I will have to try this for our cook out and I love Rachel Ray cooking gear. Repeat to remove the fruit from each section. how to dice a watermelon Fastest Way to Cut a Watermelon Into Cubes - Food Hack