Making watermelon vodka

making watermelon vodka

Place your watermelon on a sturdy surface, on a flatter side, if it has one. Place the capped vodka bottle atop the middle of the watermelon, with a sharp pick. Jun 16, [Make the recipe: Summer Watermelon Punch] is thus: You get a watermelon and a bottle of vodka (it's always vodka, for some reason), cut a. Jun 6, Watermelon and vodka, they make a perfect pair for summer parties and you can make your own watermelon-infused vodka at home. It's easy.

Making watermelon vodka -

This second technique is particularly good to use with a regular or large watermelon. It is so much cheaper to make at home than to buy in the store! Buy a watermelon and a bottle of vodka at the grocery store and a big syringe with a long needle at the pharmacist. making watermelon vodka How to Spike Watermelon With Vodka!