Smoothie with watermelon

smoothie with watermelon

Mango and watermelon are blended together in this light and refreshing smoothie to make this a perfect beverage for a hot summer day. Sep 3, Deliciously refreshing 2-ingredient watermelon smoothie. Fabulous for breakfast or a post-workout snack. Hydrating and invigorating. Jul 13, That's how obsessed I am right now: WORLD'S BEST WATERMELON SMOOTHIE is up in the howwwse, featuring 4 simple ingredients.

Smoothie with watermelon -

Watermelon smoothie recipes are pretty simple to make. And they were the absolute best treat on hot summer days. We do refrigerated watermelon and ice instead of water, though, with a pinch of salt. Thanks for the great recipe. They also smoothie with watermelon support eye health, better skin, healthier bones, and nervous system health 1213 smoothie with watermelon