Vodka watermelon keg

vodka watermelon keg

Insert a tap in the empty watermelon according to the package directions. Pour the watermelon juice, wine and vodka into the watermelon and top with the lid. Our video makes it easy to tap a DIY watermelon keg filled with boozy watermelon punch. ½ - 1 Cup Vodka (can substitute gin, tequila, or other clear spirit). Jul 21, Here's how to make a watermelon keg for serving punch or cocktails>.

Vodka watermelon keg -

Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been readtimes. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1. Watermelon keg tapping kit or replacement beverage dispenser spigot. You will most likely fill the watermelon with punch three quarters of the way, so if you want to carve any decorative shapes or designs toward the top, map out the design. Then when the watermelon sits on a table, guests can easily place their glass underneath the spigot. Fill the fruit watermelon nutritional benefits with your favorite punch recipe. "Vodka watermelon keg" want to use a cocktail or punch recipe incorporating fruit flavors that go well with watermelon. vodka watermelon keg

Vodka watermelon keg -

Tips Keep the watermelon keg on ice to maintain freshness and a cool punch temperature. Make a hole toward the bottom portion of the watermelon using an apple corer. Turn a Watermelon into a Keg