Watermelon and lime beer

watermelon and lime beer

Brewed with watermelon and lime peel, New Belgium Brewing’s new seasonal release offers an approachable, fruit-infused ale. Juicy Watermelon Lime Ale. Mar 9, New Belgium Juicy Watermelon, a watermelon lime ale is back in the brewery's seasonal lineup for An ale brewed with watermelon and. Cool off with this refreshingly fruity summer beer brewed with watermelons and limes. The flavor is equal parts watermelon and lime zest with a dry Cakes.

Watermelon and lime beer -

Extreme Beer Fest Premium. And I'm drinking it well past the best by date. Brewed with juicy watermelon and zesty lime peel, this crushable ale rips with a blast of melon notes. There is a hint of lime at the last and a gentle tartness from same with a soft bitter note. Mar 28, Zima doctored with — shudder — a watermelon Jolly Rancher like sunken Incorporating watermelon and lime into beer starts with creating. Feb 15, Juicy Watermelon Lime Ale brewed by New Belgium Brewing Company as an Fruit Beer style beer, which has out of 5, with ratings. Cool off with New Belgium Brewing's Juicy Watermelon, a refreshingly fruity summer beer. watermelon and lime beer