Watermelon hybrid

watermelon hybrid

Aug 11, These hybrid fruits are the latest summer food craze. They are a mix between a cucumber and a watermelon. Daytona is an early maturing All Sweet type F1 hybrid watermelon, with excellent yield potential. Fruit are uniform, short oblong in shape and weigh 10 – 12 kg. Aug 14, You'll love the brilliant orange flesh. It's sweet, crisp and seedless! The round fruits with dark green rinds make fun "living" fruit bowls. Mix in red. watermelon hybrid

: Watermelon hybrid

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Perfectly sized sporty new compact version of the Great American Watermelon. Burpee. This unique icebox-size watermelon has bright orange flesh that is exceptionally sweet, crisp and juicy. Melons weigh 5 to 6 lbs. and ripen early. The vigorous 9. (HY) 85 days. Big Stripe is a large, oblong stripe averaging up to 30 lb. The rind has a light green background with darker green stripes. The color holds well and .

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Clean up well after the season has passed to prevent anything carrying over to the next year. Fertilize before you plant and then again every peeling potatoes with a drill weeks. Site in a light, rich, sandy soil with excellent drainage Additional Care: This cucumber-watermelon hybrid is the cutest fruit of the summer

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Once your Melons have been transplanted, if cold weather should threaten, you can make a mini-greenhouse out of a one-gallon, plastic milk jug. A basement will do if not too humidor a cool, watermelon hybrid, dark room or closet. Seeds should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place.