Watermelon l arginine

watermelon l arginine

Research suggests watermelon may have a "Viagra effect" for men and help women As an alternative, it seems like L-arginine supplements would be a good. Apr 7, USDA researchers report that eating watermelon increases blood amino acid L -arginine, nitric oxide, sex, and erection (erectile dysfunction). Abstract. Both watermelon and L-arginine consumption may reduce cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk by promoting endothelial nitric oxide production; however. L-Arginine Benefits & Side Effects in Depth

Watermelon l arginine -

This study also found that the watermelon rind generally contains citrulline in high quantities. How to Increase Your Absorption of Arginine. Remember, in your body the citrulline in watermelon is converted into L-arginine, which is a precursor to nitric oxide. watermelon l arginine