Watermelon lady brazil

watermelon lady brazil

May 7, Andressa Soares biggest booty in brazil. Andressa Soares doing her twerking dance. Big, Free, time, place, fights, run, fun, don't, go, the, house. Jan 9, The Watermelon Woman is the biggest example of Brazil's butt obsession. A relatively untalented woman, who has become quite a famous. Warning: Lots and lots of bountiful Brazilian ass in this video. If that's not your cup of gravy, seek refuge elsewhere.

Watermelon lady brazil -

We want the readers to understand that such massive butts are not possible without 'help'. We think that while Andressa is doing a wonderful job with her Instagram pics, she is slightly borderline obese. Because of her rather large following on Instagram with more than 1. Andressa was obviously very proud of her body and had nothing to hide or feel ashamed . Sep 19, The Watermelon Woman Andressa Soares. They Call This Brazilian Lady “The Watermelon Woman,” And We Can See Why. Ts Fluff. Brazil is widely known for a lot of things, but nothing more than the country's gorgeous women, most importantly for their good points. Meet Andressa Soares. Jan 16, REVEALED: Why this Brazilian bikini babe is known as The Watermelon Woman. You may not have heard of her in the UK but bombshell. watermelon lady brazil