What is watermelon good for

what is watermelon good for

Jul 26, Watermelon contains vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. It helps fight Is Watermelon Fattening Or Actually Good For Weight Loss?. Jun 20, Watermelons have become synonymous with summer and picnics, and for good reason. Their refreshing quality and sweet taste help to. Aug 3, And it turns out watermelon is more than just a juicy treat: This inexpensive and versatile fruit is not only good for you—it lives up to its name.

What is watermelon good for -

Potassium, although a relatively small amount is in watermelon, helps balance fluids in your cells. Compared with the control group, they developed lower levels of C-reactive protein a marker of inflammation and less oxidative stress Furthermore, they contain vitamin Avitamin B6niacinthiaminand a wide variety of carotenoids and phytonutrientsincluding lycopene! What Happens When He Drink Watermelon Juice Regularly - Health Benefits of Watermelon