Why can t you eat the black seeds in watermelon

why can t you eat the black seeds in watermelon

Jan 24, Why can't you just eat the seeds straight out of the watermelon? When sprouted, the black shell of the seed is removed and the nutrients. Jul 6, You can eat watermelon seeds raw, straight from the fruit. They're nontoxic, and the seeds won't be able to grow in your stomach acid. (Promise. Dec 4, You shouldn't necessarily eat them after cutting the watermelon open. You can eat them, but they have to go through a process called By sprouting the watermelon seeds, it also removes the unappealing black shell of the.

Why can t you eat the black seeds in watermelon -

This actually makes up 61 percent of the recommended daily serving. Most nuts and seeds do the body goodbut comparatively, watermelon seeds alabama watermelon association nutritional superstars. Some of these fats include monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, and omega-6 fatty acids. Or you kept an arsenal of seeds in the pocket of your cheek to use as spitting ammo against your older brother. If you're not into the whole homespun sprouting process, you can purchase sprouted watermelon seeds in a bag -- like these ones from GoRaw. You shouldn't eat them straight from the fruit. Now I eat them without second thought. Jun 28, I grew up in south Louisiana and we ate a LOT of watermelon every summer. No, you're not supposed to eat the black seeds because they are indigestible. Most people don't; the seeds aren't very tasty and the texture can be unpleasant. Jun 1, Not only are watermelon seeds perfectly safe to eat, but there are also a few Of course they won't taste like much, so if you want something a little more they're sprouted, and after you've gotten rid of that tough black shell. Aug 31, The iconic,black-studded watermelon wedge appears destined to become a They like to eat it in fruit salads," said Robert Schueller, the public You can't blame producers for giving people what they want, though as far as. why can t you eat the black seeds in watermelon